Vision and Mission

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To promote quality education for people in rural and backward areas to help them to improve the quality of their life, to increase social awareness and inculcate moral and social values in them.


  1. To provide ample scope for multifaceted development of local youths irrespective of religions, caste and gender.
  2. To equip students with quality education for a meaningful future life and to prepare them for carreer opportunities.
  3. To create excellent learning ambience through innovation in teaching research and consultancy for producing professionals capable of answering global challenges.
  4. To pursue student-centric learning for skill development and self development among students.
  5. To instill into students a sense of responsibility for social and communal harmony and for the protection of peace in society.
  6. To provide accessibility of higher education to women.
  7. To provide effective and technology-enhanced learning and teaching practices and socially research activities.